Thursday, May 20, 2010

VendAsta is at Google I/O

I've been following the tweets and other action while Mike, Blair, Kevin and Jason attend Google I/O.

We've created a social networking game on top of our MashedIn technology. They guys down there are giving away an iPad for the most connected attendee at the conference. As people join and invite others we let them connect with their mobiles through various social networks - our technology allows us to establish the interconnectedness of people accross their social graphs and shows a leader-board style game board.

We use MashedIn, built on Google appengine, and our own asynctools library - the team managed to come up with this prototype in less than a week to demonstrate yet another application built on top of this technology. Or goal was to promote awareness among developers and get feedback on how we might best make an API available for others to use.

is at the developer's sandbox at Google I/O - stop by and visit Kevin or Blair to find out more...