Friday, July 25, 2008

it's an iPhone epidemic

Jason Collins, our CTO, was just down at the F8 conference in San Francisco. For those of us working in Saskatoon, these events are great ways to rub shoulders with others like ourselves - super-talented people working on what's coming next.

He noticed Joe Hewitt was in attendance, he's resposible for Firebug and is building out iPhone libraries for the Facebook platform. We've got a lot of experience building succsesful Facebook applications and have lots of great stuff in the works that we're all excited about working on.

But right now, the iPhone's an epidemic at the office. New ones show up every day, we're playing with some great apps, and brainstorming ideas for ourselves, for our business, and just for fun. We're currently working on enterprise applications for Mobile 6, Smartphones and PDA's and have been playing around with Blackberry's. Funny thing is, even after lots of exposure to the power of those devices (or maybe, because of the exposure), I and others are personally choosing the iPhone. Why wouldn't you? They are a joy to use, simple as that.