Friday, February 1, 2008

Wheels of fortune - The Ag Industry is strong in Saskatchewan...

The Ag Industry is strong in Saskatchewan...
Wheels of fortune
Ag equipment manufacturers, dealers experience growth spurt
From today's Saskatoon Star Phoenix

I`ve been around this industry for a long time, it wasn't always this way. The long-term survivors have always been well run. Moody's Equipment is mentioned in the article below, along with other manufacturers and equipment dealers in Saskatchewan and Western Canada. Moody's is a business that my father dealt with for decades, they were a customer when I worked as an account keeper and delivery and sales person and warehouse worker and marketer and product developer and whatever else was needed.

Morris Industries is a manufacturer with a long tradition in Saskatchewan who sell all over the world. When I worked there I was always impressed with their engineers. I first got to play with Pro Engineer there at a demo, pretty cool stuff. Wendy Morris was just taking control of her company back in 1992, I see Morris was recently sold to Casey Davis. I enjoyed working for Wendy, I found her competent and she challenged me to excel.

In past consulting engagements I've developed crop planning and management software. I also performed business process and information architecture consulting for Quadra Group, one of Saskatchewan's big players in hog production. I worked with Wayne Vermette, Richard Wright and others on their management team to learn about their business and help them rationalize and manage their IT needs, along the way I got a picture of how successful a company can be when people are given the trust and authority to do their jobs well.

George Morris' Rod Weeder was an innovation in green agriculture before 'green' was even a brand or a concept. New innovation and research are still driving Ag in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Research Council supports a lot of that activity in Saskatchewan and is near our new office at Innovation Place, along with quite a few bio-tech firms. I worked some time ago with Randy Mosiondz on the SRC's site (too bad about that switch to Cold Fusion), he`s now a game designer.

In my most recent job I was Product Manager for and briefly managed our other Ag and heavy equipment products: Manager and Later, we also produced the Independent Equipment Dealers Association equipment site.