Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wireless mobile printing

Ryan Baldwin invents sneaker-net printing... it's so simple, just walk over and unplug the printer (wireless) and take it over (mobility) to your own machine... voila!

Ryan's been here in Saskatoon with us for the last week and a bit - digging right in with the team on software development.
We've setup a couple of scrum areas and the guys have been collaborating / jamming away. Ryan adds smarts and wit (oh, and code).
Ryan's blog is found at Lost in LoC

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dale Zak joins VendAsta

Dale creates great software. He cracks some funny jokes every now and then and he likes to run, he has a lovely flat in London. He scrums with us around Noon near the end of his day 6 time zones away. We Skype, we share Google docs, we collaborate, it's all good. He's a fantastic mobile developer and we're really looking forward to having him on board.

Our software development efforts are based in Saskatoon, but someone like Dale won't exactly be phoning it in. As we assemble our team and ramp up our projects we're going to be hiring the best from all over the world.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Software Developers and Software Architects - Saskatoon Computer Programming Jobs - Kijiji Saskatoon

We're hiring... some links to our postings on Facebook, Craigslist etc.

Kijiji: Software Developers and Software Architects - Saskatoon Computer Programming Jobs - Kijiji Saskatoon

Our Careers page at

VendAsta ( has openings for Software Developers and Software Architects. If you have at least 2 years of experience building mobile and web-based applications, in particular for large-scale deployments, please apply.

VendAsta is a new Saskatoon-based software development company focusing on mobile and web-based business application development.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Wheels of fortune - The Ag Industry is strong in Saskatchewan...

The Ag Industry is strong in Saskatchewan...
Wheels of fortune
Ag equipment manufacturers, dealers experience growth spurt
From today's Saskatoon Star Phoenix

I`ve been around this industry for a long time, it wasn't always this way. The long-term survivors have always been well run. Moody's Equipment is mentioned in the article below, along with other manufacturers and equipment dealers in Saskatchewan and Western Canada. Moody's is a business that my father dealt with for decades, they were a customer when I worked as an account keeper and delivery and sales person and warehouse worker and marketer and product developer and whatever else was needed.

Morris Industries is a manufacturer with a long tradition in Saskatchewan who sell all over the world. When I worked there I was always impressed with their engineers. I first got to play with Pro Engineer there at a demo, pretty cool stuff. Wendy Morris was just taking control of her company back in 1992, I see Morris was recently sold to Casey Davis. I enjoyed working for Wendy, I found her competent and she challenged me to excel.

In past consulting engagements I've developed crop planning and management software. I also performed business process and information architecture consulting for Quadra Group, one of Saskatchewan's big players in hog production. I worked with Wayne Vermette, Richard Wright and others on their management team to learn about their business and help them rationalize and manage their IT needs, along the way I got a picture of how successful a company can be when people are given the trust and authority to do their jobs well.

George Morris' Rod Weeder was an innovation in green agriculture before 'green' was even a brand or a concept. New innovation and research are still driving Ag in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Research Council supports a lot of that activity in Saskatchewan and is near our new office at Innovation Place, along with quite a few bio-tech firms. I worked some time ago with Randy Mosiondz on the SRC's site (too bad about that switch to Cold Fusion), he`s now a game designer.

In my most recent job I was Product Manager for and briefly managed our other Ag and heavy equipment products: Manager and Later, we also produced the Independent Equipment Dealers Association equipment site.

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